what is this log?

I strongly believe that eating nourishing and delicious food without overeating and being moderately active is the key to feeling happy and staying lean all year round. Many of my clients requested that I share what I do on a daily basis to maintain a carefree healthy lifestyle, so here it is and I hope it helps you with ideas.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sep 5, 2011

what I ate

hash brown, goat cheese, tomatoes

avocado, goat cheese, figs

corn tortilla, piece of meatloaf

tomato and pepper salad, arugula and corn salad, chicken sausage, pineapple

The last few days have been all over the place with eating, ever since we ate some of those sandwiches on Saturday both Roland and I have been feeling super hungry and irritable. I am writing this Tuesday and things are back to normal. It's amazing how poorly we react to wheat and flour.

what I did
stretching and foam rolling
mobility work with Indian clubs
10 min kettlebell jerk test
1 hour walking

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