what is this log?

I strongly believe that eating nourishing and delicious food without overeating and being moderately active is the key to feeling happy and staying lean all year round. Many of my clients requested that I share what I do on a daily basis to maintain a carefree healthy lifestyle, so here it is and I hope it helps you with ideas.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

We spent 1 week on the road and in Kansas City. 100% of meals were eaten out, and apart from using the stick and stretching, there were no workouts. Thankfully, there was high quality meat and fish everywhere. I definitely missed the great salads and cooked vegetables we eat at home, as well as fresh eggs, fruit and yogurt. No change in weight on the trip, since I watched calories. Back to normal today. Taking extra fish oil and probiotics to take control of any negative effects of eating out for the last week.

what I ate

scrambled eggs with feta, tomatoes, apple

yogurt, apple, honey

sausage and mushrooms, tomato and cucumber salad, pine nuts, apple

what I did
1 hour dance
30 min stretching and foam rolling

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