what is this log?

I strongly believe that eating nourishing and delicious food without overeating and being moderately active is the key to feeling happy and staying lean all year round. Many of my clients requested that I share what I do on a daily basis to maintain a carefree healthy lifestyle, so here it is and I hope it helps you with ideas.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31, 2012

what I ate

grilled veggies, salmon, apricot cheese

cottage cheese pineapple parfait

snack 2
shortbread cookie with butter

ginger green beans, carnitas with homini, small apple

what I did
stretching and foam rolling
walking (and a bit of sprinting after dog -awesome)

calories 1400


  1. What dog?!
    I really envy you for that apricot cheese...:((

  2. Our friend's dog.
    The cheese is awesome. You could get some fresh goat cheese (chevre) and mix it with apricots, then press it down and voila! :) Try it the flavor will be similar!